The plant-based sector is one of the fastest growing

Kale Invest is a Swedish investment firm taking sustainable and ethical investments to the next level


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What we invest in

We focus on plant-based investments, combining high financial growth with ethical and sustainable values.
We mostly invest in private companies.

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FoodTech and AgTech

Plant-based companies creating sustainable options for the food, agricultural and restaurant industries

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The Environment

Companies for a sustainable future, i.e. faux leather, recycling, renewable energy and alternatives to plastics

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Health & IT

Plant-based companies active within the health, beauty and IT sectors

The Dawn of a high growth industry

As the growth of plant-based industries becomes more evident, an early opportunity for investment presents itself for those who foresee and want to influence change.


“I think that in the future clean and plant-based meat will become the norm. It is likely to produce up to 90 per cent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than conventionally produced meat.”

- Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group


"We're at a juncture where you don't need to be vegan to want to invest in vegan ventures...They make so much sense. You want to be there before anybody else."

- Sebastiano Cossia Castiglioni, Vegan Investor & Owner of Querciabella


“Vegan revolution is coming, the move away from animal products and towards plant-based protein is the number one game-changing trend of the future.”

- Eric Schmidt, Google’s Former Executive Chairman


"Future of Food - Raising meat takes a great deal of land and water and has a substantial environmental impact. Put simply, there’s no way to produce enough meat for 9 billion people."

- Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft

Growth by the numbers

Plant-based industries are gaining market share in several sectors, offering high growth and return on investment. (Sources)

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$16.3 billion

Global industry for plant-based alternatives to milk

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Increase in UK plant-based food sales in 2017

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$85 billion

Projected size of the faux leather industry by 2025

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From 1% to 6%

Increase in vegans in the U.S. in the last three years

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$3.1 billion

Sales of US plant-based alternatives to meat in 2017

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Women in Sweden aged 16-25 who are vegetarian or vegan

The positive global effects

Plant-based investments are more than a sound financial investment.
Plant-based businesses lead the way to a sustainable future.

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On Health

Supporting good health and improving the chances for a long and healthy life

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On The Environment

Having a low carbon footprint and saving natural resources

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On Animals

Creating opportunities for choosing ethical plant-based alternatives

Our investment Portfolio

Kale Invest selects companies with a high ethical and sustainable profile. Below are a few examples from our portfolio. If you are a plant-based entrepreneur looking for financing, please contact us.

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Taku Taku

Sweden’s first vegan fast food chain

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Living Healthy - Dairy Free

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Simris ALG

Omega-3 & Supergoodies from Algae

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Senza Gen

Makes it possible to replace animal experiments

Founder Overview

Kale Invest Founder Måns Ullerstam is a serial entrepreneur and veteran in the tech and management space.

His latest venture Resolution Games raised $6m from the most prominent investors including Google Ventures. Prior corporate roles include heading $100 million Swedish telco Rebtel. Startups he founded include Neutral World, a carbon footprint comparison shopping site. He has a technical background as a Computer Engineer in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

Måns launched Kale Invest to offer an easy option for everyone to make plant-based investments and take part in the strong growth of an emerging market.

The future is plant-based

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